With this portal, aimed at enhancing quality and safe products, opens a new era of consumer services made by merchants of the historic Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan. 

In addition to the traditional range point-of-sale you can buy new products in the catalog, not on the point of sale and that will be collected on the appointed day, always in the shop, or delivered to the customer's home if this service is provided by the merchant. 

The same type of expenditure can be made online via the internet or via video spending, or by telephone directly with the store who will escape. 

Not having the additional cost of warehousing and storage, the prices are competitive, with the advantage of being able to shop close to home or the workplace, or at least comfortably, in a short time and, in many cases, is to take home. 

You can always count on a careful selection of products, including exclusive high quality and affordable price. If opterai for shopping online, you can also connect to video with the point of sale and see and choose additional references in the shop. 

You will also receive detailed information on the characteristics of goods, origin, traceability, is self-mode-information online and on-site, in the shop, which wirelessly on your mobile and .... Always good advice in most ... "Your seller of professional and friend. 

The different payment methods:

  • E-commerce: through the online shops of different operators, as well as browse a vast catalog and detailed, you can also complete the purchase itself.
  • Video Cart: shopping to make the video, that is call the dealer and connect via skype video conferencing, you must have installed on your computer the free program skype, download at www.skype.com.
  • phone: using the contact details of individual merchants, you can place your order by phone.

In addition, through interactive displays touch screen, in all participating outlets, you will be able to get a digital copy on your phone, with Bluetooth connectivity necessarily, of different information about the catalog available, contact the seller, companies manufacturers and other information of various kinds.